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Finnish Society of Copenhagen is open for everyone to join. The purpose of the society is to promote and further awareness of Finnish language and culture in Denmark.

Our society offers a place for networking for Finns and their friends who are interested about Finland. We are constantly working together with other instances as an example the Finnish Embassy and Finnish Institute, to build and spread the image of Finland and Finnish people in Denmark. We also try to help the new comers to the country to connect and ease their integration by offering freetime activities and social events.

The society is run by volunteers so all your good ideas are more than welcome and the board will assits as much as possible if you want to organize something.

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Toiminta / Functions

Our society is organizing different weekly sport activities as well as isolated sport events. Our weekly arrangements are floorball, volleyball and for children the Little Lions Club.

The society is run by volunteers so all your good ideas are more than welcome and the board will assits as much as possible if you want to organize an event or weekly/monthly activities.

Finnish Seniors are part of the Finnish Society of Copenhagen. The seniors meet up approximately once a month. You are more than welcome to contact Seppo Ikonen by phone 51 32 83 10 to receive more information or joining the club. The club works via telephone chain.
Most of the events and activities organized by the society are open for everyone wether you are a member or not. You will be informed separately per event in case you are expected to be a member in order to attend. The weekly sport arrangements requires a membership. But we are more than happy to welcome you any time to explore and visit us to see who we are and what is happening!

Liikunta- ja salivuorot / Sports arrangements

IF Little Lions Club (for kids age 2 to 7 years)

This club is for smallest in the family. There is different kinds of sports activities for kids to try out different sports and have fun together. Club follows the school calendar so if the schools are on brake then also the Little Lions Club is on a brake. The arragement is every Wednesday at Bellahøj skole’s gym. If you are interested to join please contact Ninni for more information.
Contact info:
Ninni Rasmussen
email: ninnichrista(at)
tel.: +45 26 71 32 39

Location: Bellahøj Skole
Address: Svenskelejren 18,
Post code and cityi: 2700 Brønshøj
Time: Wednesday at 18:00 pm to 19:30 pm

You don’t have to register, you can just arrive to the location. If you can’t get in please just call to Ninni.

The current gym reservation is valid until 27th of May 2015 discluding the following dates:
11-02-2015 Closed
01-04-2015 Closed


We would like to welcome everyone who likes to play volleyball to join our mixed group of players. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how good you are in playing nor wether you are a woman or a mand, everyone is welcome. We play every Monday at the Vibenshus Skole at Østerbro at gymnastiksal 55. Entrance to the gym is at the corner of Randersgade and Strandboulevard. Everyone meets up at the corner a bit before 20:00 pm because there is only one keycard to open the door. If you are late you can call Ilkka’s phone.

Contact info:
Ilkka Rasi
email: rasitus(at)
tel.: +45 42 52 96 66

Location: Vibenshus Skole
Address: Kertemindegade 10
Post code and city: 2100 København Ø
Time: Monday at 20:00 pm to 22:00 pm


Everyone who is interested or already have played floorball are welcome to join. We are playing every Tuesday at the Christianshavn Gymnasium’s gym. It is located to the farthest building when entering to premises through the gate. We have extra bats if you need one. If you have any questions you can contact Cecilie.

Contact info:
Cecilie Ravik
email: cecilie.ravik(at)
tel.: +45 22 92 70 60

Location: Christianshavn Gymnasium
Address: Prinsessegade 35
Post code and city: 1422 København K
Time: Tuesday at 18:00 pm to 20:00 pm

Jäsenyys / Membership

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