Slice of Finland

Finnish Society of Copenhagen wants to create an event for the honour of 100-years-old Finland. Our society is promoting Finland, our language and culture and we are 112-years old. We have worked throughout the times in Denmark helping the Finnish people to adapt to their new country of living, keeping up with the events in the home country as well as working as the connecting link between the Danish and Finnish societies within the country.

Today we have approximately 100 members and around 10 company members. We are organizing to our member’s different kind of social events to which also non-members are welcome, in order to get to know our members and what our society is all about. Many of our members are friends and family members of Finns so when we meet up there is a wide and colourful mixture of people from all around the world.

Our idea for the 100-year-old Finland’s celebration is to bring slice of Finland to everyone. Food, drinks and design are the things that people have to do and are interested in so we can assure that everyone has been counted in. And what does the Danes love? It is beer, good food and design. So we put our heads together and thought that we should bring the best gastronomical experiences from Finland to Denmark.

At this point we have committed participants Chjoko/MG Desserts Oy Mika Gröndahl who has been selected as chocolate maker of the year. From the restaurant participants we have the head chef Ari Ruoho from restaurant Nokka which is one of White Guide selected restaurants.

To promote in a bigger scale, the Finnish Danish cooperation we are going to work on having Iittala to provide all the cutlery, dishes and glassware. Marimekko to promote their newest designs. And from Denmark Mayers who would be providing cooperation in the form of offering the location and service staff, as a friend of Finland.

We are looking to have 200 to 300 visitors per event and we expect the Finnish and the Danish media to follow the event close by due to chefs and brand taking apart on the event.

When we thought about the location we wanted to make sure that we are able to cover as much as possible, people and geographic vice. So we thought that 4 biggest cities in Denmark should gather around as many people as possible to make the event cost effective and serving the idea “Denmark meets Finland” the best possible way.